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Challenges Alzheimer’s Patients Face Due to COVID-19

Challenges Alzheimer’s Patients Face Due to COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic poses unique challenges for patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Social distancing and isolation protocols that have been established amidst the pandemic are heavy burdens, and a large number of our clients receiving home health care services in Omaha, Nebraska have had to endure an extended time alone without fully understanding the reason why.

As dementia and Alzheimer’s disease patients suffer from memory loss and increased confusion, establishing a routine is essential to their care and overall wellbeing. But when these routines are disrupted, it often has several negative effects on their behavior.

A lot of patients receiving healthcare services in isolated facilities have been experiencing accelerated stress levels. Because of their memory loss, forgetting why they can’t be in places causes them more pent-up stress, which can then lead to behaviors such as pacing, fidgeting, picking at skin. It can also cause more sadness and loneliness, especially if unable to see family and loved ones.

Patients may also experience anger at not being able to enjoy what they used to enjoy, and increased frustration with reminders about wearing masks, without fully understanding why.

COVID-19 has certainly caused dementia and Alzheimer’s patients much devastation. This is why we at Livathome continuously strive to improve our services and programs to better provide for these individuals in need.

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