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Caring for Your Loved Ones with Dementia


Dementia is a collective and general term used for impairments in remembering, critical thinking, and decision-making. Usually, patients with this condition require high-grade care, assistance, and supervision with their day-to-day routine to ensure health, comfort, and safety. And while the company and care of family members may seem enough, dementia is a condition that can be beyond their capabilities.

Does your loved one need proper dementia care? If so, allow Livathome, the trusted non-medical home care in Nebraska, to be of service!

We offer a wide array of home health care services in Omaha, Nebraska, including dementia care, which aims to help seniors with this condition cope and attain a better quality of life despite the struggles of having dementia. We can also assist with personal care, meal preparations, and mobility to ensure their safety as they move around. And yes, our care providers are experts in their field, not to mention compassionate, so rest assured that your senior loved one will be treated like family and is in the most capable hands.

To learn more about us or the healthcare services we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone at 402-925-3113 or send a message to We would be delighted to help and answer all your queries.

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