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Improving Patient Ambulation and Mobility


Moving freely and safely can be difficult for people who were hospitalized for a long period without any assistance. In order to transfer and move around, they would require some form of assistance or a range of healthcare services that can help them achieve optimal outcomes.

Provision of either medical and non-medical home care in Nebraska are some ways to help ambulate them and decrease pressure ulcers, deep vein thrombosis, and functional decline, among others. It is important that patients are able to move around post-surgery, as soon as they are able, to prevent body systems from slowing down.

But remember, these movements should be introduced slowly. One of the hospital techniques of early ambulation is getting patients up and out of bed as soon as they are medically cleared to do so. At home, some of the best home care and very light ambulatory and exercises that can be done include sitting, standing, and walking.

Even without surgery, ambulation among older adults is also important. Inactivity usually results in losing muscle mass and strength, and reduction of oxygen capacity in the blood. It may lead to stiff and sore muscles, thus causing difficulty and pain in movements.
For these reasons, ambulation is an important goal for all ages, even if this means introducing assistive devices like canes, walkers, crutches, and wheelchairs.

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