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Keeping Your Feet Healthy and Wound-Free

Keeping Your Feet Healthy and Wound-Free

It is a huge deal if diabetes patients get wounded on either one of their feet, as the uncontrolled high blood sugar level prevents the healing of wounds faster. This increases the high risk of amputation especially when the wound site has grown and becomes infected; then, more complex healthcare services will be needed for them.

As a prevention method, providers of home health care services in Omaha, Nebraska often check on their diabetic patients’ feet to check for wounds or ulcers. But with proper diabetes management, foot care, and wound care, many people with diabetes can limit the risk and prevent amputation.

Here are some in home care tips on how people with diabetes can keep their feet healthy:

  • Wash your feet every day and dry them thoroughly, as moisture between the toes may lead to infection.
  • Ask for assistance from your home caregiver or doctor when removing callouses, bunions, corns, or warts.
  • Do not walk barefoot. As much as possible, wear closed-toe shoes but avoid pointy ones.
  • If the shoes they have are uncomfortable, get a prescription for diabetic shoes.
  • Watch what you eat and take proper medication to manage blood sugar levels.

Amputation doesn’t have to be a part of the diabetes journey. With proper management of blood sugar and care for your feet, major complications can be prevented entirely.

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