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Let’s Help Minimize the Noise at Home

Let’s Help Minimize the Noise at Home

For seniors with dementia, one of the things that can make them feel agitated is noise. According to a center for non-medical home care in Nebraska, noise can stimulate confusion or fear for them since they are going through sensory changes. It may lead to them displaying challenging behaviors that can be difficult to manage such as panicking, calling out for help, and cowering into a room. It may take a while for a family member to calm them

It is impossible to eliminate all the noise at home. For instance, dishes produce a clattering sound when you are washing them. If someone is watching action movies, it’s definitely going to produce noise like gunshots and car collisions. The best thing to do here is to make practical changes to minimize the noise levels.

For example, before you or a caregiver from healthcare services washes the dishes, it helps when your senior loved one is in the other room. When watching television, make sure that the volume level is low. If no one is watching, turn the television off. It’s also important to become aware of other devices that may produce noise like mobile phones, alarm clocks, and doorbells.

At Livathome, we provide home health care services in Omaha, Nebraska to help families look after their senior loved ones with dementia at home. Because we have trained caregivers to assist clients with the said condition, your family member is in good hands. Please contact us today.

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