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Preventing Falls: Tips to Keep Seniors Safe at Home


Falls are a major concern for seniors under home health care services in Omaha, Nebraska, leading to serious injuries and complications. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce risks and keep seniors safer at home. Here are five practical tips:

  • Clear Pathways

    Remove clutter and obstacles off pathways like loose rugs, cords, or small furniture that could cause trips. Keep walkways clear so seniors, while receiving home healthcare services can move around much easier and safer.

  • Install Grab Bars

    Installing grab bars or handrails in key areas like the bathroom can offer extra accessibility and support. This is especially useful for seniors with conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia who may have mobility issues.

  • Non-Slip Mats

    In places like the kitchen or bathroom, where floors can get wet, non-slip mats offer added traction. This reduces the risks of slips and falls, protecting seniors from unexpected accidents and ensuring a safe and comfortable experience of non-medical home care in Nebraska.

  • Good Lighting

    Poor lighting can pose challenges for seniors to see pathway obstacles. So, ensure all rooms, hallways, and stairways are well-lit. Consider night lights in corridors for added safety. These modifications can greatly enhance the elderly care experience.

  • Regular Exercise

    Regular exercise can improve strength and balance in seniors. Before starting any regimen, consult the healthcare provider for advice tailored to individual needs.

If you’re looking for the best home care solutions to improve the safety of your elderly loved one, Livathome is the choice. We specialize in non-medical home care, offering customized care plans for individuals with various needs.

Let us be part of your family’s journey! We ensure your loved one is cared for in a safe and comfortable living environment.

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