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Simple Ways to Support Loved Ones with Mobility Issues

Simple Ways to Support Loved Ones with Mobility IssuesDo you have loved ones who have issues with mobility? Living with mobility limitations doesn’t have to keep your loved ones from doing things they love! Fortunately, there are simple ways you can assist them. Learn more below.

  • Encourage physical activities.
    Enhancing your loved ones’ outlook in life can start as simple as encouraging them to exercise. Several activities increase range of motion and balance, build muscle and bone mass, and reduce pain and stiffness. Are your senior loved ones receiving non-medical home care in Nebraska? Caregivers can assist them in doing their physical exercise with ease to ensure they are safe.
  • Promote healthy eating.
    Healthy and nutritious meals help alleviate some of the issues associated with mobility, such as arthritis, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. Create a meal plan that includes leafy vegetables and fiber that build the bones and reduce the risk of joint pain and muscle weakness. Most healthcare services include meal preparation and other physical disability support services.
  • Create a safe home environment.
    A clean and safe environment is crucial, especially if your loved ones have dementia on top of mobility issues. Make sure to keep your home safe, so your loved ones can move around the house. Try to make home improvements, such as lowering counters and cabinets, installing ramps, widening doors, removing clutter, etc.

Are you looking for home health care services in Omaha, Nebraska? Livathome offers exceptional and personalized care services to assist your loved ones in their needs. Our services cover post-surgical assistance, physical disability support, care for dementia patients, etc. Contact us at 402-925-3113 today for more information about our services.

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